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Discover Why you should never hit mosquitoes in Guyana (fictional piece)?

Why you should never hit mosquitoes in Guyana? This article is 100% fictional and for the purpose of the readers I would also like to encourage you to climb under your netting or turn on your fan as you read this article. Feel free to share your thoughts and also comment.

The mosquitoes in Guyana are different, unlike mosquitoes in other parts of the world the mosquitoes in Guyana lift weights. Yes, they visit gyms and they take steroids. See in other countries mosquitoes flee when the place gets cold but in Guyana, as the place gets cold mosquitoes put on an extra layer of muscle and do what they do best, Sing in your ears from rope to soap. See Guyana is a country that is divided into ten administrative regions. With this, you find that mosquitoes in Guyana are separated into ten different clans. See in Guyana the motto is one people one nation and one destiny but where the mosquitoes are concerned they are far away from being law-abiding inhabitants.

In Guyana mosquitoes torment the young, the old, and the tired. They go by the motto “what goes for one goes for all” and because of that you find mosquitoes have some very toxic traits. Below I will list some toxic traits of mosquitoes in Guyana.

What are some toxic traits of mosquitoes in Guyana?

  • Mosquitoes enter everyone’s homes without asking.
  • Mosquitoes Can sing all night in your ears and if you have tunnel vision mosquitoes around then they can sing during the day too
  • Mosquitoes like to bite ( Yes mosquitoes do not have teeth but when they discover your sweet skin be sure to expect an unexpected bite. The mosquitoes call it the “kiss of feelings”
  • Mosquitoes love the Darkness. Yes mosquitoes love the Darkness and because Guyana has experienced consistent complaints about the power systems (blackout) within the country the mosquitoes thrive well in all ten administrative regions.
  • Mosquitoes multiply and invite their generation into your home. See one thing about mosquitoes they are practically homeless. Because of this if you allow one into your home then be prepared to expect generations up to the third level to access your home even if you didn’t invite them.

Mosquitoes in Guyana are very revengeful and here is why you should never hit them. In 2016 a woman name channelle accidentally hit a mosquito on her arm but for some miraculous reason, the mosquitoe survived. That very mosquitoe flew for ten minutes and told his uncle who then informed his wife who then informed her mother who then informed the neighboring mosquitoes. They formed a movement called the “bite one bite all movement” which saw thousands of mosquitoes forming an ally and what they called the end of the end. The mosquitoes were smart in their bidding and launched a series of attacks on neighboring houses of the woman that accidentally hit the mosquitoe.

mosquitoes in Guyana
bite one bite all movement

This, in turn, sent a riot and message throughout the ten administrative regions and the government of Guyana at that time was fearful that the mosquitoes were about to take over the entire country. With this, the government launched its own campaign called “fog one fog all” This movement saw the government launching its own fog machine that created waves and caused the mosquitoes to stand down with their rampant revenge.

Government of Guyana fog one fog all campaign

With the successful launch and method, the mosquitoes retreated but they never stopped their revengeful plans on the Guyanese. Matter of fact over ten years the mosquitoes have learned that if they move in groups of 100 the government won’t intervene and that is what they did. They entered homes and hid in dark corners, under beds, and in shoes. Some folks complained that the mosquitoes hid in Pit latrines and in some weird cases the mosquitoes found their way inside a man’s sugar tin. This resulted in the government forming another emergency meeting. They realize that the mosquitoes in Guyana were way too smart in this game of throne. So the government introduced something and with this, a level playing field was created. The plan was to bring operation “fog one fog all” to each and every home in Guyana. This was done through the coil effect initiative.

The plan was a major success because the citizens of Guyana were able to fight back and take control of the mosquitoes in Guyana. Ever since lots of mechanisms were created example the baygon, the fish spray, and the mosquito zapper, after some complications with the baygon and its effect on human health the government suggested the 360-bed barrier which is a barrier against the stubborn Guyanese mosquitoes that did not respect the coil effect initiative. With the 360-bed barrier, you can secure yourself from mosquitoes by adding a layer around your bed. It also posed a long-term solution to the revenge of the mosquitoes.

mosquitoes in Guyana defense mechanisms
mosquitoes in Guyana defense mechanisms

After long consideration, they realize that the only way to contain the mosquitoes in Guyana is to have AC in your home and have your home built with a ceiling. With the coldness, some mosquitoes will stick around but the majority will migrate to homes that are still dependent on the defense mechanisms.

There may not be a solution to completely remove the mosquitoes in Guyana but hitting a mosquitoe comes with consequences it’s like the saying goes you stir up an ants nest.

This article was 100% fictional if you love it then share it with a friend. Check out my blog post below about what happens when a mosquitoe bites you.

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What happens when a mosquitoe bites you

One of the most prevalent and unpleasant insects in the world is the mosquito. They are a small family of flying insects called Culicidae. Mosquitoes are notorious for their itchy, red bites that leave the skin covered in pimples. What transpires, though, when a mosquito bites? In this post, we’ll look at how mosquitoes bite, the consequences they have on our bodies, and some prevention advice.

The Method through Which Mosquitoes Bite

There are six steps in the mosquito biting process, each of which is necessary for the mosquito to draw blood from its host. The following are these phases:

Body heat, carbon dioxide, and other compounds that the body produces are what attract mosquitoes to their hosts.

After locating its victim, the mosquito will land on the skin and begin looking for a good place to eat.

The mosquito then pierces the skin with its razor-sharp proboscis. The proboscis is a lengthy, skinny tube with two tubes inside of it. When the other tube extracts blood, the first injects saliva.

A tiny amount of saliva is injected into the skin by the mosquito during the bite. Anticoagulants found in this saliva prevent the blood from clotting, facilitating simpler feeding for the mosquito.

Blood Extraction: Using the second tube in its proboscis, the mosquito then begins to draw blood from the victim. A mosquito typically takes in 5 microliters or less of blood.

Flight: The mosquito will take off after it has done feeding in order to find its next host.

Mosquito Bites and Their Impact on Our Body

The type of mosquito that bit us, how much saliva was injected, and our immune systems are just a few of the variables that might affect how a mosquito bite affects our body. The following are a few of the most typical outcomes of mosquito bites:

Itching: The mosquito’s saliva injection can result in itchy, puffy, and red skin.

Occasionally, humans may experience an allergic reaction to a mosquito bite. In rare instances, this might result with symptoms including hives, swelling of the face or throat, breathing difficulties, and anaphylaxis.

Mosquitoes can spread a number of illnesses, including the West Nile virus, Zika virus, dengue fever, malaria, and dengue fever. The symptoms of these illnesses might range from a slight fever and headache to a serious illness and even death.

Scarring: Scratching mosquito bites repeatedly in some situations can lead to skin damage and scarring.

Keeping Mosquitoes from Biting

Avoiding mosquito bites is a crucial first step in safeguarding yourself from diseases spread by mosquitoes. Here are some suggestions for avoiding mosquito bites:

Wear protective clothing: By reducing the amount of exposed skin, long sleeves and pants can help prevent mosquito bites.

Apply insect repellent on exposed skin: This will help keep mosquitoes at bay.

Remove standing water: Standing water is where mosquitoes lay their eggs, therefore removing sources of standing water near your home can help the population of mosquitoes.

Employ mosquito nets: Using a mosquito net while you sleep can help prevent mosquito bites.


In summary, mosquito bites can be uncomfortable and occasionally even dangerous. We may take precautions to avoid mosquito bites and safeguard ourselves against diseases spread by mosquitoes by understanding the process of mosquito biting and the consequences it has on our bodies. By using the above advice, we may lessen our exposure to mosquitoes and enjoy the outdoors without having to endure mosquito bites all the time.

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