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Exciting Career Opportunities at GBTI (Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry)

Exciting Career Opportunities at GBTI (Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry)

Exciting Career Opportunities at GBTI (Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry)

GBTI, a proud equal opportunity employer dedicated to fostering diversity and inclusion, is thrilled to announce several key job openings within our esteemed organization. If you are a dynamic professional seeking to make a significant impact in the banking sector, we invite you to apply for the following positions:

 Career Opportunities
Exciting Career Opportunities at GBTI (Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry)
  1. Manager, Credit Risk Operations Risk Manager:
    • Job Description:
      • Oversee and manage credit risk operations, ensuring adherence to regulatory standards.
      • Develop and implement robust risk management strategies to minimize credit risks.
      • Conduct regular risk assessments, providing actionable recommendations for improvement.
      • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to streamline credit risk processes.
      • Monitor and analyze the performance of credit portfolios, making strategic adjustments as needed.
  2. Branch Manager – Diamond:
    • Job Description:
      • Lead and oversee daily operations at the Diamond branch, ensuring excellence in service delivery.
      • Drive business development initiatives to enhance branch profitability.
      • Foster a customer-centric environment, ensuring high levels of satisfaction.
      • Supervise and mentor branch staff, promoting their professional development.
      • Implement and uphold GBTI policies and procedures at the branch level.
  3. Senior Auditor:
    • Job Description:
      • Plan and execute internal audits to assess the effectiveness of controls.
      • Identify potential areas of risk and provide actionable recommendations for improvement.
      • Prepare comprehensive audit reports, communicating findings to senior management.
      • Collaborate seamlessly with external auditors during periodic audits.
      • Stay abreast of industry trends and changes in regulatory requirements.
  4. Human Resource Officer – Compensation:
    • Job Description:
      • Administer and manage compensation and benefits programs.
      • Conduct salary surveys and market analyses to ensure competitive compensation.
      • Develop and implement effective compensation policies and procedures.
      • Provide guidance on job analysis and evaluation.
      • Handle employee inquiries related to compensation and benefits.
  5. Talent Acquisition Manager:
    • Job Description:
      • Develop and execute innovative recruitment strategies to attract top-tier talent.
      • Collaborate closely with hiring managers to identify staffing needs and requirements.
      • Conduct interviews and actively participate in the candidate selection process.
      • Manage the comprehensive onboarding process for new hires.
      • Stay informed about industry trends and implement best practices in talent acquisition.

Application Deadline: Thursday, November 30th, 2023

GBTI values the unique perspectives each individual brings and is committed to building a diverse and inclusive workplace. To apply for any of these positions, please submit your application, including your resume and any relevant documents, to

Join GBTI and contribute to shaping the future of banking in Guyana. See Guyana through your eyes as you embark on these exciting career opportunities with us!

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