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Help for 63-year-old Patricia June Campbell with stage 3 bone cancer

Your support can be a great help in alleviating the hardships faced by Patricia June Campbell and her son, John Francis Holder. Patricia, a strong and resilient mother, has been battling stage three bone cancer, and her determination to overcome this challenging situation is truly inspiring. However, the financial burden resulting from her medical condition has rendered her unemployed and in desperate need of assistance.

Patricia June Campbell
In the photo: Patricia June Campbell

Patricia and John currently reside in the cherished home of Patricia’s late husband, located at lot 20 North Road, Bourda. Unfortunately, due to a recent confrontation with in-laws, they are facing the threat of eviction from their current residence. This adds to the already difficult circumstances they are facing.

Before her diagnosis, Patricia worked diligently as a food vendor, providing for her family. However, her condition has made it impossible for her to continue her work. Despite the numerous obstacles she has encountered, Patricia remains hopeful and has undergone six sessions of chemotherapy. To further evaluate her progress and determine if the cancer persists, she urgently requires a CT scan.

Patricia’s dietary requirements have become essential in her battle against bone cancer. She now relies on specific foods, such as small portions of meat, natural sweeteners, brown rice, and vegetables, to maintain her strength and aid in her recovery. Sadly, with John also unemployed, they find themselves in a situation where they are unable to meet Patricia’s healthcare needs and provide for their basic necessities.

John, as a devoted son, is actively seeking public assistance to support his mother during this trying time. His efforts include securing a vehicle ( to work taxi ) or a job that would enable him to transport Patricia to medical appointments and take care of her daily needs. The support they receive from the community will play a crucial role in easing their current circumstances.

Let us come together and extend our unwavering support to Patricia in her battle against stage three bone cancer. Every contribution, big or small, will make a significant difference in their lives. If you wish to express your support and make a donation, please contact John at +(592) 6577320. Together, we can provide comfort, aid, and hope to Patricia and John as they face this challenging journey.

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