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Police Lecture Empowers Dolphin Secondary School Students

Police Lecture Empowers Dolphin Secondary School Students

Police Lecture Empowers Dolphin Secondary School Students

In an effort to empower and educate the youth, traffic ranks from Regional Police Division 4’A’ engaged in a thought-provoking lecture at the Dolphin Secondary School in Georgetown.

The comprehensive lecture was led by a dedicated team of officers, including Woman Sergeant Edwards, Woman Constable Johnson, Constable Sampson, Woman Constable Hercules, and Woman Constable Lyttle. Their collective expertise covered a wide range of critical topics, addressing issues such as traffic regulations, cybercrime, violence prevention (including gangs and drug use), and gender-related challenges.

With a captive audience of twenty-five students and one teacher, the officers shared their knowledge and insights, aiming to bolster the students’ understanding and awareness of these pressing issues. Moreover, the ranks provided valuable information to help the students navigate the challenges they may encounter as they transition from school to adulthood.

The officers emphasized the vital role of knowledge in addressing societal problems and urged the students to apply what they had learned. To further motivate and engage the students, they were quizzed on the material covered during the lecture, and monetary rewards were offered as a token of recognition for their participation and understanding.

Dolphin Secondary School

This proactive initiative not only underscores the police force’s commitment to community engagement but also highlights the significance of equipping young minds with the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions, navigate challenges, and contribute positively to their communities. It is a shining example of the positive impact that law enforcement officers can have on the education and development of future leaders.

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