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“Regional Police Division 4’C’ Celebrates Outstanding Graduates from the University of Guyana and IDCE”

Regional Police Division 4’C’ Congratulates Graduates from the University of Guyana and IDCE”

Commander Khali Pareshram and his administrative team from Regional Police Division 4’C’ extend their heartfelt congratulations to a group of accomplished officers who have recently graduated from the University of Guyana and the Institute of Distance and Continuing Education (IDCE) in a notable gesture. The Division takes great delight in recognizing these hardworking individuals’ dedication and academic achievements.

Regional Police Division 4'C'
Commander Khali Pareshram

The officials listed below have shown great academic devotion and excellence, gaining well-deserved distinctions and credits in their respective fields:

  1. Woman Inspector Castello – Diploma in Public Administration (with Distinction)
  2. Sergeant 21258 Delon North – Diploma in Public Administration (Credit)
  3. Constable 24310 Neeleshwar Rampersaud – Diploma in Crime and Criminology (Honours)
  4. Onica Thomas, 23325 Woman Constable – Industrial Relations and Management (Distinction)
    Corporal 21711 Paul Wintz 5th – Distinction in Supervisory Management

These significant accomplishments not only indicate the officers’ commitment to professional development, but also to improving their abilities and expertise. The Regional Police Division 4’C’ applauds their outstanding accomplishments and looks forward to their future contributions to the force.

Such accomplishments attest to these officers’ passion and drive to achieving greatness, and their results serve as a source of encouragement for their peers and the community they serve. The Division wishes these graduates well as they start on new chapters in their careers, certain that their expanded skills and expertise will contribute to the region’s safety and well-being.

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