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Discover How to get an international bank account as a Guyanese

Have you ever wondered how to get an international bank account as a Guyanese? If yes this article will guide you through the process. Before you read this article be sure to check out my previous article on how to make money with youtube in Guyana.

Acquiring an international bank account may sound like a difficult process but after doing numerous research I come to find this process simple and easy. I have been taking part in affiliate marketing for quite some time and I came across some really great websites that allows you to set up your international bank accounts.

Why would you need an international bank account as a Guyanese?

I get this question ever so often on WhatsApp and the number one reason is this ” Getting paid by international companies and clients as a business owner or freelancer. When you have an international bank account getting paid becomes easy and expanding ways to get the hard earn money you work for.

How to get an international bank account as a guyanese ?

Here are the steps to acquiring an international bank account as a Guyanese.

As a Guyanese, you will be able to sign up for either a Wise bank account or a Payoneer bank account. These payment systems will allow you to receive payments internationally while still residing in Guyana. You can work with companies like Amazon, eBay, target, and get paid locally into those bank accounts.

What is a Wise bank account ?

A financial technology company called Wise offers both individuals and companies a global banking service. The Wise bank account, also referred to as the Wise multi-currency account, is a digital bank account that enables you to store and manage funds in various currencies.

You can cut costs on currency exchange fees and international transfers by opening a Wise bank account. Without having to worry about hidden fees or fluctuating exchange rates, it enables you to send and receive money in various currencies. The account also includes a debit card that can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted to withdraw cash or make purchases in any currency.

You always receive the mid-market rate for currency conversions thanks to the Wise bank account’s real-time exchange rates, which is one of its key features. Because you are not subject to the high exchange rate margins that traditional banks frequently charge, this can help you save money.

It’s also very simple to use the Wise bank account. The Wise app or website allows you to manage your finances, and opening an account online only takes a few minutes. You can use the app to keep tabs on your spending, set up alerts, and even make and distribute payment links.

What is a Payoneer bank account?

A provider of cross-border payment solutions for companies, independent contractors, and individuals is Payoneer. You can receive and withdraw money from your Payoneer account using the Payoneer bank account, a virtual bank account.

A virtual bank account in the United States is given to you when you open a Payoneer account. Payments from US-based businesses and marketplaces like Amazon, Upwork, and Fiverr, among others, can be deposited into this bank account. The account also includes a Mastercard debit card that you can use to access cash from ATMs and make purchases anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

One advantage of having a Payoneer bank account is the ability to accept payments in different currencies. This entails that you can accept payments from customers and marketplaces all over the world, and the money will be exchanged at a favorable exchange rate into your country’s currency. Additionally, holding balances in multiple currencies enables you to avoid paying conversion fees.

It’s also very simple to use the Payoneer bank account. You can view your balance, view transaction history, and manage account settings by logging into your account via the Payoneer website or mobile app. In order to save time and money on transfer fees, you can also set up automatic transfers to your local bank account.

How to withdraw funds from your international bank account?

After you sign up for your international bank account as Guyanese you may wonder how you will get your money. The process is very simple. Most local banks allow international bank transfers. This means you can transfer funds between your local bank and your international bank with a simple click. The transaction is usually completed in 72 hours.

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