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In this article, we will look at how to make money with the Facebook marketplace in Guyana and also utilize the buying and selling groups to generate some revenue or an extra source of income. Before I get into details, let me also say that there are a lot of individuals who have experienced terrible outcomes after using the Facebook marketplace in guyana, so I will also caution you of the do’s and don’ts.

What is Facebook marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace is an online space where people can list items for sale, and those products get distributed to a wide or large community through the Facebook algorithm. With this, you can start building a customer base by selling any items and getting sales in your business with little to no start-up cost.

The Facebook marketplace in Guyana is no different, as people would use it to do so much, just to list a few: properties to rent, cars for sale, clothing, food, and sometimes services.

How this process works is very simple: Facebook gives you the option to list whatever you are selling, a space to add images and prices, A space to add some details, and also an option to share your listings into buying and selling groups, which is also a similar space like a marketplace but has a smaller audience reach.

What are buying and selling groups on Facebook?

Buying and selling groups on Facebook are groups created with the intent to connect with local sellers and shoppers. These groups are bountiful, and you can find a new group being created every now and again. I recently made a similar group, and I will attach a link for you guys to join as well here: Join my buying and selling group.

The buying and selling groups have a smaller range in terms of reach, but there are some really large ones you can join to start selling or promoting products you have to sell in Guyana.

What is the difference between the Facebook marketplace and buying and selling groups?

There is no major difference, but there are when it comes to restrictions. Over the years, I have learned that Facebook Marketplace bans services from being listed, but Facebook buying and selling groups would allow it. Also, the Facebook marketplace will give you that organic reach since Facebook buying and selling groups are only limited to the members that are a part of that group.

Now that I have made clear the differences between the Facebook marketplace in guyana and Facebook buying and selling groups, let’s dive into how you can start making money with these two platforms.

When I first started logo design in Guyana, I was struggling to find customers. The competition was intense, and unless I had money to run Facebook ads, it seemed I was not getting the responses I wanted. Then one day I came across the Facebook marketplace and the buying and selling groups. I decided to try something new. I joined over 50 buying and selling groups in ten days, and I decided to post my logo designs in these groups.


Above is a screenshot of some of the few groups I joined. What I liked about Facebook was that every time you join a buying and selling group, you can easily post to all groups you join with a click. This gave me the brilliant idea that I could post to as many groups as possible and reach more people. I did it, and it worked.

I was receiving lots of messages from Facebook Marketplace and groups alike. I then figured that people at home can use these mediums to make money by promoting their services or products, if they have any.

Here are some ways you can use facebook marketing to your advantage today:

  • Promoting your services (Social media management, video editing, typing services, etc.)
  • Listing other products on an affiliate basis (drop shipping )
  • Preorder-based business model (buying and selling from sites like shien and Amazon)
  • Promoting your house for rent, vehicle for rent, or daily menu if you cook at home and plan to sell based on orders
  • Using Facebook groups to build your personal business page means joining those groups with your page and reposting your content into those groups. If people like your post, you can invite them to like your Facebook page.
  • Collaborating with other sellers to get a profit, so let’s say you found something in a Facebook group or marketplace and you know someone who wants it, you can reach out to the seller and negotiate a price markup so you can get a commission from that sale.

There are many ways to use Facebook Market Place in Guyana and groups to make money, but getting started is the key factor. A lot of people will procrastinate and not get the job done.


Yes, as I write this article, I must highlight that there are some red flags to look out for in the Facebook market and groups. There are people who post items that are defective or do not exist, so if you are using Facebook Marketplace or buying and selling groups to shop, be mindful of those. Always try to ask for a video of the items before initiating an agreement of purchase.

If you are planning to sell or list an item on the Facebook Marketplace in Guyana, be mindful of your meeting locations, as some people may try to trick you into getting the item from you without paying. Always try to do meet-ups at locations that are public, for example, around a police station or a public diner. For your safety, you can also utilize courier services that can do deliveries on your behalf. See Guyana is changing, and ever since the Gtt mmg services were introduced, it’s now easier to do business and transactions. So let’s say you have a product to sell and someone wants it. They can pay you on GTT-MMG, and you can use a courier service to deliver the item. That is, if the item is a small one, for larger items like cars, you will need to make formal arrangements and meet-ups.

Prohibited items or services for Facebook marketplace in Guyana and groups

Yes, there are items and services you cannot offer in the Facebook Market place in Guyana or the buying and selling groups; these include alcohol, meat products, and anything that involves illegal activities, as Facebook is against such.

There are times Facebook will misinterpret your services and flag them the same, but you can always appeal poor decisions made by the meta team.


As I wrap up this article, I’d like to point out that Facebook Marketplace in Guyana is a hidden gold mine. The features that exist are second to none, and Facebook does a tremendous job of reminding you to relist your products on the market when they expire. It is also a great place to find items you need secondhand and a great opportunity to find like-minded business partners. If you found this article helpful, be sure to share it with a colleague so they may also take advantage of the tremendous features of Facebook Marketplace. I shall see you guys in the next article, and check out my other article on how to get an international bank account as a Guyanese to start working online.

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