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Guyanese Publisher Make Money Blogging

How to Become a Guyanese Publisher

In this blog post, I will break down how to become a Guyanese publisher. According to Wikipedia, publishing is the activity of making information, literature, music, software, and other content available to the public for sale or for free. Traditionally, the term refers to the creation and distribution of printed works, such as books, comic books, newspapers, and magazines.

As a publisher, you can choose to publish any of these to either earn a living or just for the fun of it.

In my research to highlight how Guyanese at home can make money, I came across some resources that made me aware that Guyanese can write blogs and get paid daily, weekly, or monthly. A process that involves a lot of reading, writing, and organizing but is worthwhile with dedication.

So how can you truly get started as a publisher in Guyana? The first thing is to pick a niche or topic. In guyana many folks love entertainment, some love keeping up with current affairs and others just scroll online looking for random facts or information that peaks their interest.

I personally started publishing articles about making money online on a previous blog i made a long time ago. Tho I Was not sure how to monetize that blog, I kept posting for the fun of it. In this day I Finally took the bold step to do some research and I came across advertising networks with opportunities for publishers.

What are advertising networks?

In my terms, advertising networks are platforms that partner with large companies to publish ads. These companies would either pay for impressions or clicks on their ads. I also learned that advertising networks work with publishers because publishers help drive traffic to the very ads that large companies are willing to pay these networks.

As I further researched advertising networks, I came to understand that some of these networks are very hard to accept. I did find one that allowed me to monetize my audience, but it was a very spammy advertising network. That advertising network was called Popads. Below, I will attach a screenshot of the work I put in with pop ads. The network was the first I came across that was legit, and to this day it still is. However, due to the feedback from readers, I had to discontinue Popads.

How to Become a Guyanese Publisher

I started a blog, wrote some articles, and placed my website in pop-up ads. I made some money, but it was never impressive. But as a first-time blogger, I was excited to know I could write articles and make some money. As I later proceeded to research because I wanted more, I learned about Google Adsense, which is a better-paying platform. To work with Google, you need a website with domain hosting and quality content, so for me, getting Google Adsense approval was a major challenge, and I didn’t have the money to buy a domain or hosting.

I then learned about Adsterra. What I liked most about Adsterra is that it’s a free platform to get started, and you do not need a paid domain or hosting to get started. I tried Adsterra for three months, and I was overwhelmed by the results. Doubled what I earned with popads. Below I will attach a screenshot of my adsterra dashboard for simply blogging articles.

Guyanese Publisher

Adsterra offers many options to monetize with them, including direct links, banners, native ads and much more, it gives you a wide range of verticals to monetize your blog. So how can you do all of this and why am I sharing this with you? Well, I notice a lot of people are not aware you can get paid to blog or write articles online. So I decided to give my readers a fast start on the process. Here are the steps you should take to get started with this as a Guyanese Publisher:

Step one will be to create a free website on

Guyanese Publisher

Blogger is a free platform that allows you to create as many websites as possible with no cost attached to you. This allowed me to create websites of all natures; for instance, I made a health blog, news blog, funny quotes blog, motivational quotes blog, etc. These are random blog ideas, and each of these blogs can be monetized with adsterra. It all depends on the amount of work you are willing to put in.

Now that you have your website created, the next step would be to place an article on your website. For this article, I went ahead and made a new blog on Blogger to show you. Below, I will attach the screenshot.

Guyanese Publisher

As you can see, the website is new and simple, with no content. In the dashboard of Blogger, you will be able to access many tools and features to publish your first blog on this website. I chose to make a news site because it’s easier to find content for such a website. Below, you will see what the backdrop of a blogger looks like.

The first tab allows you to publish your new articles, and the second tab allows you to manage posts already created. All the other tabs are self-explanatory. You can earn from bloggers directly but it takes a while so instead we will monetize this website with adsterra banner ads which I will show you in the upcoming paragraph.

Guyanese Publisher

How do you get content for your blog?

One of the many ways to get content for blogs as a Guyanese Publisher is by following public ministry and government pages.

For instance, you can follow the Guyana Police Force page or the Guyana Fire Service page and find very interesting articles to spin and place on your blog. Example if I visit the Guyana Fire Service page I can rewrite an article about their most recent post.

Guyanese Publisher

I can take the words They publish and rewrite the article in a free online article rewriter tool

The free article rewrite tool will rewrite the article, and I can place this on my website as a blog post.

Guyanese Publisher

This is the article that has already been rewritten and placed on my website. As a Guyanese Publisher, you can rewrite articles in your own words, but to save time, I utilize the free tools available online. As long as you can get to this stage of publishing your first article, you are ready to monetize your blog with banner ads through Adsterra.

So the first thing you should do is Register for a publisher’s account After registering, you will add the URL of your website to the signup box. The new website i made for this article is Your website URL will be similar.

After submitting your website to Adsterra, in less than an hour, your website will be ready to accept banner ads.

Guyanese Publisher

Once your website is approved, log into your Blogger dashboard and scroll down to the layouts section. And click on the option that says add a gadget.

From there, you will select the option that says HTML/ Java script. And in that box you will paste the code adsterra provides for your banner ad. After placing the code, save and you should see a new banner appearing on your website. That banner will make you money every time someone scrolls on your website.

This allows you to write articles daily and attract readers. When the readers visit your website and see your banner ad, Adsterra will pay you for every 1000 impressions.

You do not need to make a news-related website, but from what I have learned, it is the easiest website to get started and to build an audience faster.

How do you get paid from Adsterra?

As of lately, Adsterra has added multiple methods of payment, and they pay on the 1st and 15th of every month for publishers who accumulate $100. You can have your payments sent via PayPal, cryptocurrency, and much more. I prefer cryptocurrency, as it’s the easiest method of getting your money as a Guyanese Publisher. Check out my article on how to acquire a US bank account as well as a crypto wallet.

There are many ways to earn as a Guyanese Publisher, some of which are affiliate marketing, CPA marketing, and selling space if your website becomes very popular. The information here may be a bit overwhelming, but starting your journey as a publisher is great as it opens opportunities to network with fellow bloggers and claim a space on the internet for yourself.

I do hope this information has helped you get started as Guyanese Publisher. Best of wishes and go get some money.