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Discover How to make money with Amazon in Guyana for Beginners

I will highlight how to make money with Amazon in Guyana in this article. Before I Dive into the content and information, check out my previous article Discover 7 Ways to Make Money with Youtube in Guyana. With that being written let me begin.

What is Amazon?

A global technology company with headquarters in Seattle, Washington, is Amazon. Jeff Bezos started it in 1994 as an online bookstore, but it has since grown to offer a wide variety of goods and services. With one of the largest online product selections in the world today, including a wide range of books, electronics, clothing, food, and other products, Amazon is one of the biggest retailers in the world. Amazon offers various additional services, including cloud computing, music and video streaming, and advertising. Additionally, Amazon runs physical stores like Whole Foods Market, Amazon Books, and Amazon Go. The business is well-known for its cutting-edge technologies, including Alexa, Amazon Prime, and Amazon Web Services, and it has a sizable global presence.

How can you make money with Amazon in Guyana?

Amazon has provided many ways to earn with their platform but being in Guyana you will be limited to some of the options they provide. There are three proven working ways to work directly with Amazon and there is one indirect way of working with them. I will highlight each in the paragraphs below:

Make money with Amazon in Guyana through the Amazon Affiliate Program :

You can sign up for the Amazon Affiliate Program and promote Amazon products on your website, blog, or social media. When someone clicks on your affiliate link and buys a product on Amazon, you earn a commission.

This is a very straightforward process that involves affiliates signing up and promoting links. It’s similar to sharing social media status updates but on this occasion, you can get paid for the posts you make if a sale is derived from it.

To make money with Amazon in Guyana through their affiliate program there are some actions you can take to be successful. The first method is to start a Pinterest account. Statistics show that Pinterest is filled with users who are seeking new ventures and products and in most cases, pins on Pinterest have a higher chance of being a sale. You can start a Pinterest account for free and start uploading images on the site. Pinterest allows you to post images and attach links so by placing your affiliate link within the post you can get sales. I will attach a screenshot highlighting how it is done.

make money with Amazon in Guyana through their affiliate program
Upload pictures on Pinterest and add your affiliate links

Pinterest also allows you to upload reels which increases and brings more visitors to your account. Be sure to know that promoting your links on Pinterest is great but it does not guarantee immediate sales. It’s a process that gets better over time.

The second method of promoting the affiliate program is through Facebook. Similar to Pinterest you can reshare Amazon affiliate links to Facebook and get paid. Join public groups and share your affiliate links with them, You can also do the same for Twitter and also using youtube shorts.

Make money with Amazon in Guyana through Kindle Direct Publishing

If you are a writer, graphic designer, or poet, amazon Kdp Is the option for you. With Amazon Kdp you can make your ebooks and upload them onto the platform. Amazon will pay you royalties on sales you generate through your book. You can write novels, Kids’ books, and books that contribute to a solution. Amazon Kdp allows you to generate passive income as one book can make you continuous sales throughout the year after publishing it. To get started with Amazon Kdp You can register for an account and upload your first Book.

I can also suggest you check out Canva to design your books, It’s free to use and allows you to put together books easily and fast.

Make money with Amazon in Guyana through Merch by Amazon program

If you are a Graphic Designer then the Merch by Amazon program will suit you. This program allows anyone to sign up and upload their designs for Amazon to test the quality of their Design. Once approved Amazon will allow you to create t-shirts to sell on the platform. Think of it this way with the Merch by Amazon program your designs will be placed on an international platform and you will get sales worldwide.

make money with Amazon in Guyana

Make money with Amazon in Guyana by Promoting products in Facebook Marketplace

This method is one that anyone can do online. It involves finding products on Amazon to promote and reaching out to local shipping companies. Make an inquiry of a quotation to bring in a specific product to Guyana then add in your own fee to accumulate a profit. There are hundreds of shipping companies in Guyana. You can do this as a part-time way of earning.

I am working towards a program of such for persons who want to get paid to promote. When I put it all together I will let you all know. But I do suggest joining my telegram group as I will be placing the opportunity there.

Facebook marketplace is the best way to get preorders through Amazon

Besides Amazon, you can also work with sites like eBay and Target by signing up for their affiliate programs.

How do you get paid from Amazon in Guyana?

To get paid from Amazon you can sign up for an international bank account. Amazon also sends you a direct check that is shipped to your address. The check can be redeemed at any local bank and takes two weeks.

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